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By: pinovasyon | June 27, 2017

Patent Valuation
Patent Valuation

Patent valuation model is important for patent sales process. Mostly inventors use online patent sales platforms such as Pinovasyon. There are different patent valuation models and techniques. Today, I will explain 13 factors for patent valuation formula. Most of the models don't include project management factors. and let's start to talk about patent valuation parameters and their effects.

By: pinovasyon | June 19, 2017

university industry collaboration
University Industry Collaboration

What is university industry collaboration, it can be defined as the working partnership of the university and the industry for the same purposes and interests. In this article, you will have idea about benefits, models and importance of university industry cooperation and a new approach Pinovasyon collaboration method.

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By: pinovasyon | June 19, 2017

collaboration and innovation
Collaboration and Innovation

Nowadays, creating collaboration and innovation culture terms are used together in organizations. At the beginning of 2000's innovation century start, different and unique one was winning the game. But today complex, rapid and compact innovation goes ahead. According to research experts, only collaboration drives innovation to complex, compact and rapid one, so that collaboration is the new innovation model of 2020's. Today all companies should be aware of collaboration power. In this article, I will explain benefits of collaboration and new collaboration techniques for creating a culture of innovation in the workplace. Also, you will learn new amazing technique called " Pinovasyon " collaboration and innovation culture improvemen...

By: pinovasyon | June 19, 2017

european innovation partnership
European Innovation Partnership

Pinovasyon is new European innovation partnership network. In pinovasyon, R&D project calls are published for collaborative development. Researchers or R&D teams can publish project proposals and ideas to find researchers, partners and investors who are suitable for R&D projects. Angel investors can provide financial support to the R&D projects in this portal. Job seekers can join projects according to their expertise.