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By: pinovasyon | June 19, 2017

collaboration and innovation
Collaboration and Innovation

Nowadays, creating collaboration and innovation culture terms are used together in organizations. At the beginning of 2000's innovation century start, different and unique one was winning the game. But today complex, rapid and compact innovation goes ahead. According to research experts, only collaboration drives innovation to complex, compact and rapid one, so that collaboration is the new innovation model of 2020's. Today all companies should be aware of collaboration power. In this article, I will explain benefits of collaboration and new collaboration techniques for creating a culture of innovation in the workplace. Also, you will learn new amazing technique called " Pinovasyon " collaboration and innovation culture improvement technique.


Benefits of Collaboration

How collaboration leads to innovation? Collaboration accelerates innovation !!!

If different technology experts join their technology power, new ideas and inventions can be born easily. An effective and productive brainstorming begins with a large group of people. In large groups, knowledge transfer pushes the innovation top. Unique perspectives and shared information maximizes innovation. Therefore, innovation through collaboration runs the win-win principle. Teams come from different backgrounds and skills cause unique viewpoints and successfull works. 

Other benefits, 

Collaboration encourages team members to take more risk. On the other hand, innovation projects are planned well to reduce risks by collaboration of experiment. 

Individuals can't effort high performance alone under workload stress, while collaborative innovation results in shorter time with more effective, thoughtful and sensible decisions. Shared tasks gives you more freedom for innovation, also support of other teams make you more motivated and adapted for innovation culture.

Impact of collaboration on business performance,

When collaborative innovation culture diffused on r&d teams, nobody stop the innovative ideas and projects. Patent application, investment on r&d and rd project number can increase proportionally. Investment on collaboration and innovation boost the future revenues of company. 

Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration Techniques for Creating a Culture of Innovation

Companies should improve relationship between collaboration and innovation. There are 10 types of opportunities to start collaboration and innovation,

  1. Collaboration between different departments of company : This way runs the inside dynamics of company, First you need data to start innovation. Collecting problems in departments can be best way to kick it. Brainstorming sections will help innovative thinking and good project ideas. Don't forget, in brainstorming sections, finance department can offer good solutions for r&d projects. And you can find amazing r&d projects for human resource department. Don't obey the standards and rules, eliminate the prejudice during brainstorming.  
  2. Collaborative innovation  with customers : You can get best ideas from users of your products. Because they use your products in different areas, you can't image it. Most of the companies drive open innovation platforms to collect data and problems from customers. They ask customers for improvement ideas of specific problems by offering gifts. Again, first let your team to evaluate improvement ideas for better innovation.  
  3. Challenge of university students : Young customer groups can create more innovative ideas. Organize innovation challenges with universities. Collaboration with students, let you reach new ideas. Young students need to prove themselves. Allow the energy come outside in competition way. Then, use the power in beneficial ways. Add young student in r&d projects by university industry cooperation.
  4. Collaborative innovation with suppliers : If you need outsource for collaboration projects, first look your suppliers. You know their working systems. Also, force them for cooperation with other companies and rd teams. Later, you will see benefits of collaboration.
  5. University industry collaboration : "Idea mines" wait for commercialization in universities. You can add university members in your projects for technical value creation. Unused laboratories can be commercialized by your projects. If you want more information read university industry collaboration article.
  6. Collaboration with R&D teams : In this century, r&d startup company number start to increase by innovation. R&D startups need big reference projects. R&D entrepreneurs are more enthusiastic, dynamic and flexible teams. You can find innovation environment with these companies. Only they need investment, thanks to collaboration and innovation funds. 
  7. Collaborative social innovation platforms : Another way to improve innovation by collaboration is social innovation platforms. You can develop new products to find solutions to society's problems by joining platforms.
  8. Innovation Groups : You can join sector based innovation groups, by this way you can canalize large groups for one aim. Example group: Municipalities creates innovation groups for green and habitable cities.
  9. Collaboration with competitiors : Most of the companies think it is not possible. Because innovation projects are planned to eliminate the competitors in market. But, regulations for environment, green energy, pollution, energy efficiency need advanced projects, more budget and knowledge, so it forces competitors to work in cooperation to create innovative efficient products. Otherwise, competitors can't resist the regulations. Car manufacturing companies sometimes transfer their technologies to resist regulations such as hybrid electric vehicle and diesel combustion engine technologies.

10. Pinovasyon : Pinovasyon is innovation culture best practices. it is designed for creating a culture of innovation. You can share your r&d projects to find technology partners in pinovasyon webpage. Pinovasyon supports collaboration between university, industry and r&d teams by using R&D funding programs. Main aim of Pinovasyon is diffusion of innovation culture. Visit international collaborative research participant portal of pinovasyon.  

Pinovasyon Innovation Culture

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