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By: pinovasyon | June 27, 2017

Patent Valuation
Patent Valuation

Patent valuation model is important for patent sales process. Mostly inventors use online patent sales platforms such as Pinovasyon. There are different patent valuation models and techniques. Today, I will explain 13 factors for patent valuation formula. Most of the models don't include project management factors. and let's start to talk about patent valuation parameters and their effects.

Patent Valuation Parameters

  1. The number of patent application by patent owner: This parameter shows the experience of the patent owner in the technology area. Also, it signs that inventor follows the technology. This is a factor to show importance of a patent.
  2. Claims of patent: Content of a patent is the main topic for patent valuation model. Ask yourself, can you produce this product only with this patent? If you need other patents, ip (intellectual property) value decreases with the same ratio of required patent number.
  3. The number of patent family: The number of granted patent family shows the power of a patent in the world. You can produce and sell the products in different countries. Actually, No one takes risk to apply all countries because of economic side of the patent application process. Especially, check availability of patent family for manufacturing countries and markets of invention.
  4. Patent application number in this area: In same technology area, If the number of patent application has high volume, it reduces value of a patent. Because, technology is well known by other companies.
  5. S curve of product life: Products are born, grow, aged, reinvented or die. If date of first patent application for this product is recent, it means product is in childhood, so that patent price will be valuable. Patented product can have new baby S curves, and it needs r&d investment. If you don't have enough R&D budget, R&D team and infrastructure, don't care about this patent.
  6. Competitor number: Check the number of big companies who has patents for the same product technology. Do you have chance to fight with these companies? Strong competitor will reduce your product market size.
  7. Expiring date: Patent expiring date means, you can produce this innovative product until this date without any competitors. But after this date, everyone can be your competitor. You will lose your market after this period and you will need new innovative solutions to protect your market.
  8. Production capacity: Do you have production capacity for this product? Do you need technology investment? If you need investment, patent value will decrease. Also, you lost time until serial production.
  9. Patent class: Patent valuation formula must contain patent class factor. Number of patent class shows the interest of the patent with different technology areas. Additionally, if patent class contains high technology class, value of patent will increase proportionally.
  10. Market of product: Maybe, you can't estimate the market of your patent, find equivalent products to measure their market performance. If you define pros and cros (price, benefits, user friendly etc..) of your patent, you can calculate market acceleration speed of your patent. Competitiveness of a patent in market can affect the patent valuation formula.
  11. Citied and citing patent number: This is another important parameter for patent valuation model. It shows the quality of a patent. In patent application process, examiners search for similar patent solutions, if they connect your patent with other new patents as reference, really it indicates you have a high quality patent. Happy news, your technology is in growing phase. Also, a patent can cite to other old patents to show innovative sides.
  12. Patent infringement analysis report: It makes patent value multiply by zero or one. You need a professional patent attorney support to find patents and to analyze all suspicious patents. If you learn infringement issue after serial production, you can lose costs of patent investment, development investment and production investment.
  13. Patent history: At least, if you look patent history, you can get clues about infringement. Because big companies have IP department to follow threating patents. They may apply for opposition process.

As a result, Patent valuation isn't a simple process, you need help of project management, finance, marketing, intellectual property and process engineering departments. Now, you learn about patent valuation process, so you can sell patents by pinovasyon platform.

Patent Valuation

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