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By: pinovasyon | June 19, 2017

university industry collaboration
University Industry Collaboration

What is university industry collaboration, it can be defined as the working partnership of the university and the industry for the same purposes and interests. In this article, you will have idea about benefits, models and importance of university industry cooperation and a new approach Pinovasyon collaboration method.

Importance of University Industry Collaboration

Theoretical training in universities needs to be combined with practical industrial applications. During university years, young students are on the top level of productive and creative thinking. In young ages, people can learn rapidly, but they don't have experience. One solution to lead this young power, university faculty members should create technology groups by using funds. By this way, students can get a chance to work while they continue on their degree in university. Actually the purpose of establishing technology centers in universities based on this idea.

We can say that the most productive model of university industry collaboration models is reinforced lessons with real problems of industry. For example: We solve pendulum problems in dynamic lectures, we don't give a real life example to explain the purpose of the pendulum problem. In real life, absolutely we apply pendulum problem to camera recording systems. 3 axis gimbal can balance camera to reduce vibration during recording. It should be given to the students as a project design homework to solve the problem of recording vibration. Collaboration between university and industry begins at this point. Because there isn't any trained staff in the industry to solve this problem technically. Moreover, university can get more effective results in innovation projects as a automatic control system design of camera stabilization project. As a result, collaboration is important, because university needs industry and industry needs university.

University Industry Collaboration Models

Usually, we meet following collaboration models; 
  1. Technological research project partnership supported by national and international funds.
  2. Thesis studies with industry for the graduate students.
  3. Undergraduate students work for internship projects in cooperation with industry.
  4. Consultancy activities of the academic personnel.
  5. Experimental facility use.
  6. Mutual conferences, seminars and technology day activities.
  7. Publishing articles as a result of collaboration.
All university industry partnership models should be carried out in certain rules. Intellectual property rights must be well defined before collaboration.

Pinovasyon University Industry Partnership Model

Pinovasyon is the best practices for university industry collaboration. There is a need for institutional collaboration organizations that will bring these two institutions together and evaluate opportunities. For this purpose, Pinovasyon website and pinovasyon social media groups were established. You can determine a innovative problem that need to be solved and then fill out " pinovasyon Call for Projects Proposal Form " and publish it on our website. Also, you can share it on pinovasyon social media groups. R&D teams, university lecturers and students can participate in these projects by following open research project calls. Pinovasyon is the new encouragement model for online university industry collaboration.

University Industry Collaboration

If you want to be informed about Pinovasyon academic industry collaboration best practices and project calls. We can send project invitations to your email regularly.

University Industry Collaboration Benefits

university industry collaboration benefits
University Industry Collaboration Benefits

Advantages of university industry collaboration can be listed as below;
  • In early ages students can add value to the economic power of your country.
  • University knowledge can be transferred in a valuable way.
  • Innovative technologies can be developed.
  • University members can get industry experience to lead students.
  • Outsource ideas can create new solutions for industry problems.
  • Complicated projects can be achieved successfully by combination of different technology area experiences.  

Why industry university collaboration weak? 

Some of the reasons;

  • Industry expect r&d investment feed back faster
  • Universities move slowly and they don't pay attention industrialization of products
  • University laboratory and equipment investments aren't planned according to industry needs
  • Most of the universities doesn't have a development plan. Each faculty should have a mission to develop a product from real life
  • Poor strategy to improve university industry collaboration programs.

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