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Call For Project Proposals

Call For Project Proposals
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After fill out Call for Project Proposals Form below, If your project proposal is approved, it will be published on our Project Call webpage. Make sure you read all rules below. Indicate all your skills, you may be involved in different projects. Fill project type and give more information in your project page about funding / grants sources. Write your project name in "Link Name" box. You should write effectively your aim and your expectation as short as possible. Please, check project call page for example project proposals. Also, you can publish your R&D projects in Research Project innovation network. 

# Call for project proposals



  • Carefully share knowledge to protect intellectual property rights
  • In Aim section, briefly write your expectation from project partners.
  • URL should include your team presentation, your lab equipment, your interests, your budget, shortly project details, your expectation from other teams, and R&D incentive application info. 
  • Also, don't forget to share your projects in our social media group for more effective result.  You can prepare posters to present your project ideas. 
  • We don't publish your linkedin profile page and email. If you want you can share contact info in project webpage or use social media.
  • Data that isn't related with R&D collaboration will be deleted, such as advertisements.
  • Records will be stored during 3 months. After 3 months, you can create a new record.

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