Collaborative Research Participant Portal

Collaborative Research Participant Portal

Pinovasyon is a nonprofit collaborative research participant portal to increase collaboration between universities, inventors, investors, r&d teams, industry, and engineers for science & technology.

The difference of pinovasyon than other research participant portals is,

  • Pinovasyon is simple to share projects and has less procedures
  • Portal is enforced by power of social media group
  • You can find partners for all national and international R&D funding programs
  • Pinovasyon aims advanced university and industry collaboration
  • Pinovasyon is a collaboration network that collects people for same purpose.

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What is Collaborative Research Project Management

Collaborative research project means, the tasks and phases of the project are shared by academic or industrial research partners. There must be a leader to manage project flow. As the result of collaborative research projects; high value added innovative products should be designed and commercialized. Financial supports can be provided by international R&D grants or investors. Sharing of intellectual property rights must take place within the framework of collaborative research agreement.

Benefits of Collaborative Research by Pinovasyon

Pinovasyon improves collaborative research and dissemination of cooperation idea. Advantages of collaborative research is listed below,

  • It is the best way to find project partners for academic collaboration, university industry collaboration and European collaboration projects (horizon 2020, eureka, eurostars).
  • Immediately, you can give life your complex project ideas by technology and knowledge transfer.

  • You can get opportunity to work with experienced r&d teams who have knowledge about research and development grants / funds.
  • You can find high quality r&d projects to invest.
  • You can find advanced collaborative research examples to follow technology.

Types of Research Collaboration by Pinovasyon

What can you do with Pinovasyon?

Share your 
-Collaborative research project proposal
-Project videos and photos 
-R&D team presentations, videos and photos 
-Events, conferences, seminars, and fairs 
-Practitioner research project details
-Beneficial R&D engineering magazines, URLs 
-Engineering problems

-New technologies 
-Participant /Guest Speakers

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Pinovasyon Collaborative Research Network Groups

Also, You can share your collaborative research project links in Research Project group. Use power of social media.

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Collaborative Research Participant Portal

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