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Sell Your Patent Rights

How to sell a patent to a big company

By filling out pinovasyon "sell my patent" form, you can access patent buyers or companies that buy patents. Pinovasyon is the best method of selling patents to companies. You can sell patents online; medical patents, utility models etc... Also, you can sell your patents in Patents for Sale Group.

And it is the best platform to rent or sell university patent rights. Because, Pinovasyon is research and development cooperation group. Researchers, universities, R&D teams, and investors come together for collaborative innovation projects. Additional to patent sales, you can find partners to give life your patents in pinovasyon webpage. Also, you can share your patented inventions in social media groups for commercialization.

Before define your patent price, read article " factors of Patent Valuation Method ".

Visit Patents for Sale page.

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  • Don't upload old, abandoned, expired patents for sale
  • Give communication info in patent presentation website or use social media.
  • Your email and linkedin profile page aren't published on website.

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